Opera InCanto

Opera Incanto is an innovative project running for two years, funded under the Creative Europe programme.

It has the primary objective of creating a new audience, by educating the new generations to know and appreciate the performing arts better, with particular regards to the Opera. Through the creation of a network of theatres and European culture centers, and a close collaboration with the educational sector (particularly schools), it will stimulate audience development, by engaging children and their families with the Opera, attracting the interest of the youth.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote the Opera language and production through an interdisciplinary and international project
  • Scale up and test a new model of audience development (related to youngsters 6/13 years old) at EU level, after its success at national level in Italy
  • Promote and circulate 1 Opera through international creation, production and staging in the participating Countries
  • Support and promote the circulation of artists and technicians involved in the project
  • Provide EU cultural operators with multidisciplinary competences and skills on Opera production and staging
  • Create a permanent stakeholders’ network for the promotion of Opera, with special attention to youngsters’ participation

Opera InCanto partners

The project is coordinated by Europa InCanto as Project Leader, Italy and the project partners are:

Activities Calendar

  • 16-18 January 2019: Kick Off Meeting in Florence and first teachers workshop
  • 14-17 February: cast training and international cast selection in Tirana (including final concert)
  • April 2019: visits by partners to children workshops
  • 6-8 May 2019: first performance of Turandot in Florence at Teatro La Pergola and second project meeting
  • 2-3 December 2019: second project meeting in Brussels
  • February 2020: Dissemination Event in Brussels
  • 28-29 April 2022: Performances of Turandot at the Musikalische Komödie (Oper Leipzig)
  • 25 May 2022: Performance of Turandot at the Medulin Caves in Croatia (Opčina Medulin)
  • 6 June 2022: Performance of Turandot at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Theater Fernando de Rojas in Madrid
  • End of June 2022: Final dissemination event (to be updated)

AEC’s role in Opera InCanto

AEC will be the leader of Networking and Communication Work Package, and will:
  1. Define the overall communication strategy of the project
  2. Be responsible for the main project outputs dissemination
  3. Presenting the InCanto project at AEC regular annual events during Information Fora/parallel sessions
  4. Co-organize the launch and closure events
  5. Support the dissemination of the project results in relevant national/EU events.
  6. AEC will also nominate an external evaluator for the objective assessment of the project
  7. Organize the selection of the international cast who will perform in Germany, Spain and Croatia during the second project year

Call for Audition – Singers

Visit the brand new website of the project www.operaincanto.eu 

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