AEC was involved as partner in the PHExcel project focusing on Testing the Feasibility of a Quality Label for Professional Higher Education Excellence. This project run from October 2013 until December 2015.

PHExcel objective and aims

Its objective was to support professional higher education (PHE) institutions across Europe to improve their PHE performance. It aimed to achieve this by providing them with a Quality Framework that defines best practice in the professional (as compared to academic) elements of their processes.

In short, the project envisaged to:

  • Define the concept of ‘PHE Excellence’, in terms of a set of quality characteristics of PHE processes, expressed by descriptors and measured by indicators,
  • Create a methodology for quality review, validate it by live testing and improve it through extensive public consultation,
  • Identify the best way to sustainably deploy a Quality Framework for PHE excellence by analysing the feasibility of providing the Qualita Framework in the form of a label.

PHExcel partners

The project was led by the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) and includes the following partners (together with AEC):

  • The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) (Netherlands)
  • European Federation of Nurse Educators (FINE) (France)
  • SPACE Network for Business Studies and Languages (SPACE) (Belgium)
  • KIC-Malta (Malta)
  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow (UJ) (Poland)

AEC’s role in PHExcel

AEC’s role was to:

  • Contribute to the mapping of review models and labels, the typology of those models and the gap analysis by providing information about its own system to enhance quality in higher music education institutions as well as about other organisations conducting subject-specific evaluation or accreditation procedures.

=> THIS STEP IS NOW COMPLETED. FIND THE REPORT Quality Tools for Professional Higher Education Review and Improvement HERE!

  • Act as member of the expert group in charge of drafting a quality framework for professional higher education excellence

=> THIS STEP IS NOW COMPLETED. FIND THE Draft Quality Framework for Professional Higher Education Excellence HERE!

  • Pilot a test quality review in one of its member institutions, analyse the results and contribute to the improvement of the established review system following those results:
 The test quality review took place in May 2015 at the Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Theory of Music and Music Therapy of the Karol LipiÅ„ski Academy of Music in WrocÅ‚aw.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project.

Downloadable materials:

Here you can download the following documents and materials:

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