This anthology contains a selection of papers from the conference Becoming Musicians, student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education, which took place in Oslo, October 2018. It was the first AEC and CEMPE Learning and Teaching Conference, and gathered students and teachers from 44 institutions worldwide.The anthology comprises three parts, 1) Higher music education institutions and students, 2) Instrumental learning and teaching, and 3) Perspectives and practices. The fifteen chapters are written by authors from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Austria.

I​n recent years, student involvement has become a central topic in higher music education. Many argue that students should be the central agents in their own learning processes and that teachers and higher education institutions should strive to empower students and engage them more actively. Teacher collaboration is at the same time an evolving topic in higher music education practices. In many cases, teacher collaboration intertwines with student involvement. But how do we understand these concepts? What are the pros and cons of involving students more actively and of increased collaboration in learning and teaching practices? What can student involvement and teacher collaboration mean in learning contexts ranging from one-to-one contexts to cross-disciplinary or cross-institutional practices? We hope that this publication will present some possible answers to these questions and, equally important, that the book will present a range of new questions.

Becoming Musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education
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