Tools and suggestions for HMEIs during the COVID-19 emergency

The closure of Higher Education Institutions due to the COVID-10 emergency has clearly pushed the digitisation agenda up in the educational sector and is stimulating a pedagogical discussion among the teachers: they need to rethink the link between the content of their classes and the method that they are using, as well as to reshape this content in order to adapt to distance learning and ensure that their classes result in actual learning.

To support the teachers, the students and the staff of Higher Music Education Institutions, the Working Groups (WGs) of the Strengthening Music in Society (SMS) project, compiled a list of useful tools and technologies.

This list is meant as a collaborative document, to which everyone can contribute. We invite you to share with the AEC community your suggestions, resources and tools for distance learning and any other solutions for Higher Music Education Institutions, by filling in this form. We will update the list with your input!

If you are a student, you can get in touch with the AEC Students Working Group, a great community which can offer you support and assistance. They can be reached via email and via The AEC Student Working Group Facebook page.

In this list you can find tools and suggestions divided into different categories: click on the category below to view the resources!