Subscription to the EASY System 2021-22


The AEC Project aimed at creating a European Online Application System (EASY) for mobility among higher music education institutions is now entering its sixth year of operation. During the last academic year  105 institutions joined the system exchanging about 5.000 applications with institutions within and outside the system. In its sixth year EASY is aiming at expanding to more AEC members and also to art academies willing to use this tool for exchanges in dance, theatre, fine arts, design and architecture. An important focus will be placed on the integration with the Erasmus Without Paper ecosystem.
AEC member institutions interested in joining the project are asked to pay a contribution in order to cover the ‘service fee’, which is related to the actual use of the system.

Please find HERE the link to the EASY website

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CRITERIA for EASY fees Calculations for the academic year 2021/22

Please note that the indicated fee are excluding VAT

Total Number of Applications (outgoing+incoming) Price (+VAT)
More than 200 980 euro
From 199 to 80 900 euro
From 79 to 40 750 euro
From 39 to 16 550 euro
From 15 to 1 350 euro

Institutions have been placed into a category according to the total number of outgoing and incoming applications (not applicants!) exchanged in the previous academic year

TO SUBSCRIBE TO EASY for the academic year 2021-22 please click HERE