Subscription to the EASY System 2022-23

subscription to EASY for 2022-23 are closed. Subscriptions for 2023-24 will open in the Autumn

The AEC Project aimed at creating a European Online Application System (EASY) for mobility among higher music education institutions is now entering its seventh year of operation. During the current academic year  112 institutions joined the system exchanging about 7.500 applications with institutions within and outside the system. In its seventh year the EASY project will undergo important changes: on 1st June we will stop using the platform by Dreamapply and join the Mobility Online system designed by SoP. The new platform will offer the same functioalities than Dreamapply but will be up-to-date with the connection and requirements of Erasmsus Without Papers and will offer more features to manage mobilities in higher music education institution.
AEC member institutions interested in joining the project are asked to pay a contribution which will allow:
– the use of EASY by Dreamapply until 31st May 2023
– the trial of EASY Mobility Online by SoP as of 1st June 2023

Please find HERE the link to the EASY  by Dreamapply (until May 2023)

More information about the history of project? Please click HERE

CRITERIA for EASY fees Calculations for the academic year 2022/23

Please note that the indicated fee are excluding VAT

Total Number of Applications (outgoing+incoming) Price (+VAT)
More than 200 980 euro
From 199 to 80 900 euro
From 79 to 40 750 euro
From 39 to 16 550 euro
From 15 to 1 350 euro

Institutions have been placed into a category according to the total number of outgoing and incoming applications (not applicants!) exchanged in the previous academic year