AEC Pop and Jazz Platform meeting 2022

10 – 13 February Łódź (Poland)



Directions, connections and deviations


The times we live in today bring us many unknowns.

As humans we are hardwired to rule out as much uncertainty as we can to predict how to move on. In moving on we need to adjust our expectations and include more possible directions to find new and different roads to travel.

As educators and performers in music we show our resilience by allowing the unknown to become an incentive to make other connections.

If the past months have taught us anything it is that the toolset of musicians and creative thinkers have great value. It strengthens us in dealing with what we cannot foresee and to deviate from what we know. The talents that come to our institutes remind us that the dream of becoming a professional in music is still very much alive. Those dreams should encourage us to recognize, design and facilitate pathways of sustainable educational and performance practices in Higher Music Education.

With this year’s AEC PJP theme, Roads less travelled, Directions, Connections and Deviations

we hope you feel invited to give a voice to the unknowns and uncertainties and to share your solutions and new perspectives.


It is on this premise the AEC Pop and Jazz Platform Preparatory Working Group, the AEC Office and our host institution, the Music Academy of Łódź, have worked on a hybrid program for the 2022 AEC PJP platform meeting.


You are hereby whole-heartedly invited to the AEC PJP hybrid meeting at the Music Academy in Łódź, Poland, 10–13 February 2022.

I hope to see you all in Łódź,

Linda Bloemhard

Chair of the AEC PJP Preparatory Working Group


“Development never truly ends, as our brains evolved to evolve…we are adapted to adapt, to continually redefine normality, transforming one’s space of possibility with new assumptions according to the continual process of trial and error”

― Beau Lotto, Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently