General Information

The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp educates some 600 students, approximately a quarter of who come from abroad. We offer programmes in Dance, Drama and Music, concurrent teacher training programmes and a variety of courses for further study. This combination of education options enables us to offer a variety of innovative artistic forms and to collaborate with several professional partners.

The City of Antwerp, the second largest in Belgium, is but a stone’s throw from Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam (2 hours max.). Owing to its world port, fashion, art, culture and history, Antwerp is one of Europe’s most attractive student cities. The campus is located on the Antwerp ring road and was designed in the 1960s as a conservatoire, including two large concert halls/theatres around a large courtyard. Over the last fifty years, this building has developed into a major international arts campus where music, theatre, dance and architecture are created, practiced and studied.