General Information

Sunway University is one of Malaysia’s leading private universities which is a strictly not-for-profit institution and dedicated to quality education, supporting enterprise, and undertaking research focused on key global problems. The University is based in Sunway City, a thriving green resort city built on reclaimed former tin-mining land, on the western side of Kuala Lumpur in the heart of the Klang Valley.

The Department of Film & Performing Arts at Sunway University offers a unique learning experience that combines both critical thinking and project-based learning. The department takes pride in our facilities, our lecturers, and our curricula. The Department of Film & Performing Arts has a state-of-the-art recording studio for the music programmes, a film shooting studio, fully equipped film and music MacLabs to produce and edit your work, colour grading suites, the Rooftop Theatre as well as our new Rooftop Theatre Studio for acting and directing, practice rooms, a film screening room and a Live-Arts-Space for live performances that include a range of recorded media. Our lecturers, both from the region and abroad, consist of academicians and practitioners who work closely with our students developing their skills and providing a range of experiences within the creative industries. Our curricula follow international standards and current trends in both performance and production. With film, music, and theatre, students majoring in different disciplines within the department have the opportunity to collaborate in various projects, an experience that is akin to real-world artistic collaborations.

The classical BA (Hons) Music Performance programme focuses on turning a music enthusiast into a scholar-performer: someone who can perform solo as well as in ensembles, has strategies and ideas for teaching, and an understanding of the context of music that can be imparted to an audience. This year, we have taken online teaching in full stride, producing videos that allow us to collaborate from multiple locations, and providing students the opportunity to experiment with recording technology. As we move into the next semester, we look forward to meeting each other face-to-face, while using new production skills to reach out to new audiences online.
In the BA (Hons) Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) programme, we offer a well-rounded curriculum that covers two primary music disciplines – contemporary music and audio technology. These disciplines, which work in tandem with each other, have allowed us to create a programme that grounds students in fundamental skills such as composition, arrangement, musicianship, studio recording, music production, and mixing and mastering—just to name a few. This year, our faculty and students have gone above and beyond their capabilities, showcasing remarkable creativity within such a challenging year. Where face-to-face lessons used to be at the forefront of our instruction and learning, lecturers have found myriad ways to continue creating interesting content to be delivered online, while students have learned to absorb this content to create their own work in the form of compositions, recordings, and videos. Subsequently, we were able to showcase a diverse array of our students’ work in the form of an online showcase in July, and will continue to work closely with our students to create professional-level work in this challenging year ahead.
Sunway University is also home to the Sunway Conservatoire of Music (SCM), the first of its kind in Malaysia, with the aim to offer music education at the highest standards. We are committed to delivering an individualized teaching and learning curriculum that meets the needs and capabilities of all of our students. Through a firm musical training at an early age, the programme structure and curriculum encourages young people to gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of music in their lives. This institution celebrates diversity and promotes social responsibility, ensuring that all children grow with confidence and a sense of achievement. The conservatoire is committed to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for both students and staff to reach their full potentials. There are several specialist music schools around the world that nurture talents from an early age developing children’s potentials. The Sunway Conservatoire of Music serves as the first specialist school in Malaysia contributing to the development of music performers and specialists in the Southeast Asian region. This stimulating institution enables students to develop as musicians and individuals towards self-sustaining careers in music.