General Information

The art of the opera singer is at the focus of all educational programmes at the University College of Opera, Stockholm (UCOS). 

Our first-cycle opera singer programme is for those with a strong will to portray human life through opera music, their voice and a vibrant presence on stage. At UCOS, we view opera as a contemporary form of art with an endless potential to portray the great issues of human existence. We know that the power of opera to touch and change people calls for a solid foundation of professional skill but also for an awareness of the world around us and of society in a state of constant change. This view of education at UCOS is also relevant for those who wish to train as répétiteurs or directors through one of our Master programmes.
Through close contact with our professors, lecturers and assistant lecturers during your studies, you will acquire the keys you need to prepare for professional life. But the road to becoming an artist goes not only through passive learning. Your studies will make you aware of your own vocal and performance development and help you seek out the knowledge and experience you need. You will become alert to and able to reflect on what your contribution to the art form might be. We see the educational programme as the beginning of a lifelong process of developing as an independent artist in the field of opera.

Opera as an art form is in a state of constant change. Being an opera singer can mean anything from singing at  Sweden´s or the world´s major opera houses to creating your own working opportunities together with other professionals. Preparing you for a varied and multifaceted labour market is a mission we take seriously.

Strongly rooted in knowledge and tradition, UCOS offers an education with a tie to modern life and an eye to taking the art of opera into the future.