AEC and ELIA members encouraged to apply for a 10% double membership fee discount

Since 2019, Higher Arts Education institutions that are members of both AEC and ELIA can apply for a 10% discount on their membership fees with both organisations. Thanks to the continuous cooperation between the two networks, especially in joint advocacy actions at European level, several AEC member institutions have benefited from a double membership fee discount in previous years.

Institutions affiliated to AEC and ELIA may apply to both organisations by 1 April at the latest. Please note only institutions that were granted the discount last year do not need to apply, as their membership fee for 2022 has been already adjusted. However, please make sure you send confirmation of the updated number of students to both organisations.

Finally, a kind reminder that on Monday 17 January, the AEC membership fee invoice for 2022 was sent out to all AEC member institutions. May we please advise you to check your spam folder and contact should you encounter any problem when opening the PDF file. Please note we are currently receiving a high volume of requests and will assist you as soon as possible.