The second meeting of the working group on Digitisation (Teacher Education in the Digital Age) of the AEC Strengthening Music in Society project took place in Graz on November 7 and 8 during the AEC Annual Congress. Discussions and meetings were made with the steering committee of the project, its evaluator and some members of other working groups.

During the meeting, the working group (WG) further shaped its mission and vision. The WG discussed some questionnaires and mappings on digitisation available at European level. However, the group agreed that its purpose is not an empirical study on technology use and acceptance in music pedagogy, but rather an attempt to empower pedagogues and individuals involved in teacher training with regards to digital technology. To achieve this, the group needs to discuss and decide on a categorisation for technology use as well as research illustrations of the different categories. Ahead of the next meeting in May 2019, some more virtual meetings have been scheduled.