RATM (Journal for Music Analysis and Theory) is an international journal, double-blind peer reviewed, providing an outstanding platform of opportunity to publish valuable research studies. RATM complies with the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors edited by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

RATM invites interested research scholars and teachers to submit articles for a special issue in its editorial project. This Special Issue, in collaboration with AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires), EPARM (European Platform for Artistic Research in Music) and the online Open Access journal Music Performance Research, aims to provide a platform to present new research and developments in Artistic Research in music.


Artistic Research in music touches on a crucial feature of the activities of performers and composers, as well as those involved in education. The so-called Practice Turn has focused attention on the ability of practices to produce knowledge, highlighting the epistemic activity within systems of practice. This is now widely recognised as a valuable contribution to debates on music theory and analysis.

In the context of Western art music, it problematises the notion that a musical work is an ideal object, hidden in the depths of the score, waiting to be reified; rather, it is the never-finished product of continuous interactions of practice and text. That practice is artistically and socially contingent; moreover, it may have a “tacit” dimension that is challenging (and maybe impossible) to express in the language of scientific research.



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