Are you the performer of the future? 

Are you in tomorrow’s audience? 

How do you envision the concerts of tomorrow?

The MUSense Project is dedicated precisely to help answer these questions with the objective of building a fully immersive musical experience

MUSense is an Erasmus+ KA220 Cooperation partnership in higher education among five Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) and the AEC, with partners from Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden and Greece. The project aims to educate and forge staff and students of HMEIs in order to acquire and embrace the digital shift while improving skills in cyber and live innovative performances, involving renewed art practices.

The project partners are conducting a survey to collect data that will help it forecast possible future outcomes in the area of cyber music performance. This notion forms one of the core components of the MUSense Project, dedicated to the exploration of musical issues in an ever-evolving cyberspace. The survey rests partially on the belief that human premonition is helpful in forecasting future events.

Readers are encouraged to take this 10-25 minutes survey by 31 January to help MUSense shape a vision for the performances of tomorrow, by giving their valuable input.