AEC is committed to open a discussion on power relations among its member institutions.
Power relations exist in most group environments – often encountered at work or at school. They can have negative connotations, which are criticized by the #MeToo movement, but there are many layers within power relations to be discussed. It is important to understand that power relations will always play a role, not just in a negative way, and that awareness of and transparency around such topic is most helpful to all involved.

During the upcoming Congress in Turin on 7 and 8 November next, a plenary session and a parallel session will be dedicated to the topic (please, find here the relevant abstracts).
During them, Deborah Kelleher, Vice-President of AEC and David-Emil Wickström, chair of the Strenghtening Music in Society (SMS) project Diversity Working Group will present the AEC Stakeholder Assembly On Power Relations.

The AEC Stakeholder Assembly on Power Relations shall be an exercise in deliberative democracy, placing a cross section of our stakeholders at the heart of important power relations issues facing conservatoires. With the benefit of expert, impartial and factual advice roughly 100 Members (a Chairperson plus 99) will consider different themes. Their conclusions will form the basis of reports and recommendations to be submitted to the AEC members. The Assembly shall be chosen taking account of age, gender, region, ethnicity, musical specialism, area of work or study and more.

An Expert Advisory Group will be established to assist with the work of the Assembly in terms of preparing information and advice. The members of the Expert Advisory Group shall include academics and practitioners across several specific fields of interest, depending on the subject being considered, as well as members of the SMS Working groups.

In addition to the plenary session, a parallel session will deal with the multiple facets of positionality. Please, find in attachment below the abstracts of both the plenary and the parallel sessions.

AEC has recently published a questionnaire through which you can share your ideas and experiences on discussing power relations within your institution.