In 2012, the Guildhall School took the first steps in the Coaching and Mentoring training which celebrates an incredible 10-year journey this year.

The programme has grown from a fledgling experiment to a significant professional development offer for the sector and beyond. Accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), it offers people the chance to develop effective communication skills that support their roles as teachers, mentors, leaders, managers and performers. The CPD and Supervision programmes ensure that coaches can broaden and deepen their skills, working ethically and effectively in service of their clients, colleagues and students. The Practitioner Level Training is hailed as a Gold Standard for professional Executive Coaches.

For many this work has been transformational, opening up new avenues for understanding ourselves and others. Coaching helps create space within our relationships for greater appreciation of difference, more fruitful cooperation and greater creativity. 

Seeking to share these benefits with the high-stakes world of Orchestral Performance, Jane Booth (Head of Guildhall Coaching Associates) and Trudy Wright (Associate Coach) researched and designed a new programme to meet the specific needs of the Orchestral Sector: Leaders on (and off) Stage.

This Autumn will see the third iteration of that programme. An EMCC Research Funding Award provides an opportunity to evaluate the impact of the training with the question: what is the potential of coaching inspired leadership to bring a positive impact on individuals; on orchestral sections; and on the orchestras system as a whole?

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