Looking Outward – Seeing Music Practice in a New Light

Seeing Music Practice in a New Light – Looking Outward is an act of curiosity and a belief that we can learn and create extraordinary things when we work across disciplines and sectors.

Looking Outward is a short course for music students and recent alumni initiated by Mimi Harmer (UK) and Camilla Overgaard (DK) in collaboration with the Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE).

The course itself is an act of curiosity inviting 30 participants from Europe and beyond to explore what they know and see it in a new light. Throughout the course the participants will learn from other specialisms with the aim of transferring skills to their own musical practice, creating new networks and enhancing their creative collaborations.

After its debut in 2021, this inspiring course will be repeated: inviting more students and alumni to approach learning with curiosity, compassion, and creativity. Looking Outward aims to help participants bridge the gap from where they are now to where they would like to be.

The course consists of an introduction and 4 sessions. In the sessions, you will learn from creatives and practitioners on topics including Mind Design, product design, and experience economy. You will explore how to transfer this knowledge to your musical practice in subsequent workshops facilitated by Mimi Harmer and Camilla Overgaard.

Apply for Looking Outward by filling out the application form by 25 March 2022.