The LOST HERITAGE & MUSIC project is set to deliver its most remarkable outcome in the months of April and May with a series of three concerts across partner cities.

These performances will showcase the transnational orchestra comprising talented musicians from ensembles representing the three participating cities. Forli in Italy, Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria, and Alicante in Spain will play host to this musical journey.

An exceptional feature of the concerts will be the world premiere of three unique compositions specifically created for this project. Composers Simon Stampfer from Italy, Petar Doundakov from Bulgaria, and Marc Sansalvador from Spain had the opportunity to draw inspiration from the communities, history, and ambiance of the three cities through the organised artistic residencies held last year.

Residency 1 – Forli
Residency 2 – Alicante
Residency 3 – Dimitrovgrad

Mark your calendars for these not-to-be-missed concerts! The first concert will take place on the 26th of April at the Sala Ex Cinema Mazzini in Forlì, 28th of April, the Municipal Theater “Apostol Karamitev” in Dimitrovgrad and 1st of May in Alicante.

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