LOST HERITAGE & MUSIC’s first artistic residency

The LOST HERITAGE & MUSIC project’s first artistic residency took place in Forli, Italy, on 12-13 May 2023. The residency focused on visits to dissonant and lost cultural heritage sites, including meetings between inhabitants and artists.

The project aims at creating connections among international artists, composers, and musicians, through several activities performed within communities’ spaces. The programme of the residency was focused on visits to dissonant and lost cultural heritage sites, informal meetings, debates, and concerts, during which the inhabitants had the opportunity to meet the artists.

On Friday, the participants visited L’Arte della Moda Exhibition and attended a concert at the Diego Fabbri Theatre, where they enjoyed the performances of Boris Belkin, Marco Boni, and Orchestra Maderna.

On the following day, the artists visited lost places, including Ex ATR and Spinadello Aqueduct. They then engaged in non-formal learning experiences with citizens, including young people telling stories and sharing experiences, cooperative role-playing, co-authorial workshops, and creative workshops during which they explored past compositions connected to specific places and experimented with new ways of representing spaces through sounds. The residency concluded with the closure of activities in the evening.

One of the main objectives of the LOST HERITAGE & MUSIC project is to increase the audience for classical music by making it more accessible, relevant, and engaging to people of all backgrounds and ages. The residency in Forli’ provided a unique opportunity for international artists to connect with their audience, exchange ideas, and produce compositions that conveyed the citizens’ messages. The non-formal learning experiences with citizens were particularly impactful, as they allowed the artists to engage with the local community and create compositions that conveyed the citizens’ messages, particularly their feelings towards their places linked to a difficult past.

The project partners would like to thank all the people involved in the meeting in Forli. We look forward to seeing what the next residency will bring!