Working group’s goals for the project:

Our AEC Goes Green Working Group brings together advocates of the green shift, highly motivated and committed in investigating the link between arts and environment, and exploring educational, artistic and professional concepts in which music contributes to raising ecological and environmental awareness. The AEC Goes Green WG also collects information from HME sector, through surveys, discussion groups and interviews, on the challenges connected to implementing greener practices and on specific areas in which they would like to get advice. Based on collected information, the WG will develop guidelines and recommendations for HME institutions and advise AEC on how to change its own operations, events and projects into more sustainable ones. The goals of the WG are contributing to the environmental sustainability of the HME sector, as well as changing the current practices within it, in particular within institutions which are not yet as environmentally-friendly as they should be. In the long run, this will result in contributing to the fight against climate change. 

Outputs the Working group is currently working on:

In Spring 2023, we created two in-depth surveys on green and eco-sustainable practices and needs: one designed for HME students only, and the second for both students and HME staff. High number of responses coming from over 70 HMEIs from 26 countries in Europe and beyond, suggest deep interest in the environmental issues, coupled with the shared urgency to act, but also with a certain insecurity how exactly.

The report on findings from the surveys is in preparation, which will establish a foundation for actions aimed to support the HME sector in green transition. To that extent, we’re preparing two interactive sessions at the AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators on 20-23 September 2023 in Leuven, and another one at the AEC Annual Congress on 9-11 November in the Hague, in which we hope to discuss and explore the needs and challenges of the specific targeted audience at the events, as well as share several inspirational examples of good practices in implementing sustainable policies and raising awareness on ecological and environmental matters in daily, educational and artistic work of the AEC members.

Meet the Task force members: