Working group’s goals for the project:

The AEC ARTEMIS Digitisation Working Group is composed by international digital experts belonging to AEC Member Institutions. The group helps the AEC assist HMEIs in dealing with the digital shift (which is affecting their own practices and educational methods, as well as the way in which artists interact with their audience). The group also collects and analyses data through surveys, discussion groups and interviews to ultimately provide guidance to the sector on the challenges connected to digitalisation processes and the changes brought by disruptive technologies. 

Outputs the Working group is currently working on:


The group recently held an online session in the frame of the IRC Meeting 2023 as one of the pre-conference sessions. Three members of the working group also delivered a talk on artificial intelligence (AI) in higher music education. After a general overview to understand the basis of AI, the members looked at a number of examples of use in musical practice and also talked about the immediate challenges posed by Large Language Models to established methods of assessment, proposed strategies for navigating these challenges and discussed the opportunities that may emerge in responding to the use of this technology in higher music education. The session was generally well received by the event attendees. 


The group is planning to contribute to a panel discussion with various digital experts in the frame of the AEC Annual Congress 2023 in The Hague.  The panel discussion is titled: “The Musician of Tomorrow. A conversation on how to raise the bar for digital skills across Higher Music Education” and it will feature interdisciplinary digital experts involved in a variety of AEC’s projects as well as students.


The working group has collaborated with EPASA in drafting and launching a survey directed at understanding the digital needs and capabilities of students of higher music education institutions. The working group members also exchanged with the ARTEMIS Lifelong Learning Working Group and the Advocacy Working Group. 

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