General Information

Cefedem AuRA is a higher music education institution, offering a graduate program and a life long learning program, both leading to a teaching diploma (bachelor’s degree certified by the French Ministry of Culture). We also deliver continuing education programmes.

The challenge of higher education today is to support the evolution of the professional practices of musicians-teachers. Cefedem AuRA  proposes to develop, beyond specialties, a culture common to the profession of music teacher and to define precisely the professional requirements. Our pedagogical proposal is based on the need for future teachers to be both confirmed specialists and generalist musicians. This supposes having an intimate knowledge of the musical forms, manufacturing procedures and technical means that define their musical field and being able to collaborate on specific projects, to understand different operating frameworks called to coexist or to supervise lessons. beyond their own specialty. 

Our training is based on 4 founding principles : 

The responsible student: Become fully a professional, that is to say a thoughtful practitioner, autonomous and capable of commitment.

The research: Learn about research, and develop skills about critical reflection and debate; this presupposes developing skills for formalizing issues and practices, both artistic and teaching.

A professional identity: Develop a strong professional identity, equally in the artistic field and in the teaching of music

The encounter with otherness: Make yourself capable of encountering otherness, of reflecting on it, of enriching your own practices.