MUSENSE Project – first results

The MUSENSE Project issued its first project result: a publication about the state of the art in virtual performance

This report strives to present various aspects of the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) and how these relate to both the music world and greater society.

The report includes 8 sections. 

  • Introduction
  • The Musense Survey of the Partners and Stakeholders with regards to Virtual Reality

The survey is a stocktaking of the understanding, readiness and adoption of virtual technology project partners and stakeholders actually have.

  • Social Implications of Virtual Reality.

The third part explores the social ramifications of VR. The effects of VR have artistic, technological, financial, psychological and sociological effects on each of the categories previously mentioned. Thus, the discussion is broken down into each social category of the musical realm. 

  • Supporting Materials for “The Social Implications of Virtual Reality.”

The supplemental materials of the fourth section are given to amplify the scope of the second part in providing further materials not covered by part two.

  • Models and Best practices in Innovative Forms of Cyber and Distance Performances.

Section five provides a series of case studies that aim to clarify how we as a collective view and define the whole concept of cyber and then how this creates relations to the musical realm. The result is a surprising set of new possibilities that amplify both the quality and variety of thought that might be entertained with regard to both components. 

  • Extending the MUSENSE project from the Music Industry to the Wider World of Performance

Part six delves into how The Musense project envisions how concepts and technologies presently used in the music industry may be used in the areas of cyber performance, long-distance performance, and education. 

  • New Technologies and the Pandemic.

This part is both a discussion and bibliographical resource that provides invaluable information not only on how the pandemic spurred and affected the adoption of technology but also on how new technologies and technological trends are evolving.

  • Musense and the 2030 Agenda.

The final section of the report looks at how the structure and process of the Musense project relate to the 2030 Agenda set forth by the United Nations. 

You can find a full description of the publication and the publication itself at this link.