Following the study of needs conducted at the three national academic institutions within DEMUSIS project with about 842 students and 215 teachers participating, Institutional quality enhancement review of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade conducted by MusiQuE, and the completed and published Integrated Comparative Report, with an analysis of current national study programs and comparisons with similar EU programmes, along with definition of learning outcomes and competencies with regards to the stakeholders’ needs, three new study programs were developed at the music higher education institutions in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

New master study program Music Direction (2 years, 120 ECTS, 10 students),  developed at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, has the call for student application open in September and the start of the program set to October 2020. Dedicated to shaping music professionals skilled in diverse creative processes and various aspects of production of music, its aims are in line with the requirements of modern creative industries in the national and international context, as well as with the strategy for development of the use of digital technologies.

The second new master program developed at the same institution – Applied Research in Music (60 ECTS, 10 students), was adopted by institutional bodies, submitted to the National Entity for Accreditation in July 2020 and is currently awaiting the national accreditation. It aims at enabling music students to understand substantial relations between music sciences, digital technologies, entrepreneurship and social engagement in the field of music, and to empower them to continually creatively develop those links on theoretical and practical level in the digitally transformed society.

Both master study programmes are open for all students with completed bachelor studies in the field of music (Composition, Music performance, and Music Research).

The third new master study program – Music Production is currently being developed at the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad and with student enrollment planned for academic year 2021/22.

All the new master study programs were developed with an active steering by EU academic partner institutions and national stakeholders, and are designed to play an important role in bridging the current gap between higher music education institutions and civil society in Serbia.