The Faculty of Arts of the University of Niš (Serbia) has issued an open call for submissions to a one-of-a-kind international music, visual and applied arts competition.

The International Competition Constantine the Great – who according to historians was born in Niš in 273 or 274 – is organized via Internet by the Faculty of Arts in Niš, the University of Niš and the City of Niš, connecting billions of people around the world.
Such a concept of competition allows for the presence of competitors without great financial means, removes all geographical barriers, opening the possibility for pupils, students and artists from all over the world to participate in a sustainable way.
The Jury of the Competition Constantine the Great consist of the world-class eminent artists.

The Competition comprises Music, Visual and Applied arts, including the following 20 disciplines: World music, Chamber music, Wind instruments, String instruments, Piano, Solo singing, Guitar, Accordion, Percussions, Orchestra, Complementary piano, Music theory, Theory, Composition and arrangement, Vocal ensembles, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Graphic design and Photography.

The Competition is held in year-round cycles with the aim of boosting the development of young artists and strengthening international cultural relations. It ends with the Gala concert and exhibition of the laureates, organized in honour of the City of Niš celebration – St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena -, on 1st -3rd June 2020. 

To send your application, visit the website: the deadline has been extended until 29 February 2020.