On 19 June, the Stakeholder Assembly on Power Relations in Higher Music Education project (PRIhME) kicked off with an introductory session. Fifty members of the Stakeholder Assembly group, chosen from the student, administration, and faculty levels of nine participating conservatoires, participated in training, ice-breaking workshops and discussions facilitated by the Assembly Working Group members and the chair Esther Nass, and met the Chair of the Assemblies Gretchen Ammusen.

The first of four stakeholder assemblies will begin on 9 September, and its topic will be defining power relations in Higher Music Education. This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, led by the Royal Irish Academy of Music and project managed by the AEC, will conclude in 2023. More information can be found on AEC website.


Survey for all AEC member institutions

The PRIhME Editorial Board is charting if and how AEC member institutions offer specific provisions for dealing with power relations. The purpose of this survey is to discover the guidelines member institutions have on defining how students and faculty interact with each other and what official policies there are to increase accessibility and diversity within the institution. Please complete the survey by 31 July.

To participate in the survey, you’ll need to login using your email (step 1). You can then fill in the survey (step 2) and click ‘follow for updates’ (step 3) to get informed about the results of the questionnaire and other progress related to the project (events, publications, expert papers).

The results of the survey will be presented to the participants of PRIhME together with articles and other material. This survey data is aimed to inform the participants on how institutions formally deal with these issues. During the stakeholder assemblies the participants will discuss different aspects of power relations within Higher Music Education and formulate recommendations for how to deal with them within the institutions. These recommendations will be presented to the AEC Council at the end of the project.

To follow the progress of the project, please click “follow for updates” on the project platform.