PRIhME – Stakeholder Assembly on Power Relations in Higher Music Education 

PRIhME is a strategic partnership of 9 institutions who will examine the issue of power relations in the higher music education (HME) sector, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

PRIhME aims and objectives

It has been observed that systemic power relations inequalities are embedded in most higher music education institutions (HMEIs). However, power relations in the music context are more nuanced and complex, because they have pedagogic relevance, and affect the excellence of studies and (mental) health in the workplace.
PRIhME aims at strengthening the cooperation and networking between organisations around the issues of power relations, thus leading to more healthy and sustainable careers for both the stakeholders within HME and their graduates. In wider perspectives, this project will enhance the transferability of the subject and methodology, by raising awareness of power imbalances in HME, encouraging wider HE organisations to reflect on similar issues in their own structures.
A key result of PRIhME is to give HMEIs a true understanding of the traditions and norms we perpetuate that can create power inequities. The longer term result will be a more diverse and socially integrated HME sector with increased levels of confidence and satisfaction in its stakeholders, offering the world more creative and socially engaged performing artists who were trained in healthy and sustainable communities of learning.

PRIhME partners

PRIhME is also in collaboration with an associate partner:
Kharkiv I. P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts, Ukraine