The HarMA+ (European landscape of teaching practices and pedagogical innovation in HMEI’s – Music theory fields) – Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project, tackling the question of the transfer of practices and methodologies between higher music education institutions (HMEIs) in the music theory fields, had its kick-off meeting on 30 October 2020.

The representatives of the partner institutions attended the online meeting, presented their music theory departments and discussed several topics, including project framework and intellectual outputs, budget and financial matters, internal communication and overall practicalities. Project coordinators from the different partner institutions put in common ideas on how to effectively prepare a first draft of the intellectual outputs, which are divided according to the project application as follows:

Furthermore, Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia (Estonia) will be in charge of the Intensive Programme for partner’s students. On the other hand, AEC is coordinating the communication about the project’s development and results to HMEIs in Europe and the dissemination activities, including external evaluation. In this regard, we kindly remind you we are looking for an external evaluator for the HarMA+ project. Candidates are invited to send their CV and motivation letter by 30 November 2020 to