Ahead of the official opening of the Stauffer Center for Strings, the first international music center dedicated entirely to string instruments and the new headquarters of the Accademia Stauffer (Friday 1 October in Cremona), General Manager Paolo Petrocelli has announced the special release of “The Stauffer Collection”. The release is the centre’s debut album celebrating the artistic excellence of the Accademia Stauffer, with an unpublished collection of famous Deutsche Grammophon recordings from Stauffer faculty and alumni, distributed by Deutsche GrammophonUniversal Music Italia.

The collection features a selection of splendid performances, from classical repertoire to contemporary music, recorded by the academy’s highly-respected Maestros, Salvatore Accardo, Bruno Giuranna and Antonio Meneses, and successful alumni musicians including Francesca Dego, Nemanja Radulovic and Sergej Krylov. It also features a select group of extraordinary artists who will collaborate with Stauffer for the 2021-2022 academic year. These artists include:

Lisa Batiashvili, Daniel Hope, Aleksey Igudesman, Gabriel Prokofiev, Peter Gregson, Roby Lakatos, Ödön Rácz, Maddalena Del Gobbo and Avi Avital. 

Speaking of the release, Mirko Gratton, Director of the Classical and Jazz Division of Universal Music Italia said: “In a world that rarely places culture at the forefront, and in which the spread and even survival of our highly-cherished classical music isn’t easy, the Stauffer Foundation represents a beacon.”

“Its constant commitment, determination, and the results achieved certainly don’t need repeating: they are there for all to see. To this end, a collaboration with Universal Music Italia, long an active leader in classical music (and a partner of leading names such as Deutsche Grammophon and Decca) was a natural next step. We are pleased to have been able to participate in the preparation of the collection presented today, which showcases some of the most prestigious musicians that have collaborated, or still collaborate today, with the foundation and with the famous “yellow label”. Our hope is that this album, available on major online platforms, contributes to lending prestige to the foundation and represents only the first step towards further collaborations that will help spread classical music, a form that has so much to communicate to the young people of today, throughout Italy and the world.” 

The Stauffer Collection” is part of an ambitious project, conceived by Paolo Petrocelli (Director General of the Stauffer Center for Strings) to support the best talents of future generations. 

The collaboration with Deutsche Grammophon / Universal Italia represents Stauffer’s first major step forward in terms of music production,” commented Paolo Petrocelli. “In fact, the release of this valuable collection marks only the start of an important collaboration with the iconic German record label and the Universal Music group, one aimed at promoting with even greater strength our artistic vision, which is founded on the principles of excellence, innovation and internationalism.