Your first EURES job (YfEj) is a European Union job mobility scheme to help employers find qualified workers and to help young Europeans find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunity in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. 
The project objectives are:

  • developing innovative projects for the promotion of professional mobility, through the support of the European Commission;
  • supporting young people to find a job, traineeships and apprenticeships in another EU Member State. YfEj 6.0 will focus on actual matching and placement services, covering all phases of placement, for successful;
  • integration into labour markets;
  • promoting a circular, voluntary and quality mobility of workers and the construction of a European citizenship.

Financial benefits are forseen for the applicants (contributing to expenses for interview trip, relocation, language trainings…), while small and medium-sized enterprises may be able to apply for financial support to cover some of the training and integration costs for the new employee, trainee or apprentice.
The YfEj project is implemented by EURES National Coordination Offices, through partnerships involving EURES of other Member States, public, private and third sector organisations. 

For more information, visit the YfEj website, download the YfEj Guide or contact Bernadette Greco (EURES/YFEJ Adviser Regione Puglia).