GloCoDA: Global Conservatoire for a Digital Age 

GloCoDA is a strategic partnership programme that supports Global Conservatoire, a new digital learning environment launched by four partner institutions, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Royal College of Music London, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and Manhattan School of Music.  

Through a careful selection process anchored in each of the four partner conservatories, the Global Conservatoire aims to create a faculty of courageous and dedicated pioneers, who bring together their expertise through sharing and co-creation. 

Students from each of the four institutional partners enter into asynchronous online classrooms, cultivating an international exchange of ideas and allowing them to work at their own pace, completing courses around busy rehearsal and practice schedules across three different time zones. 

Carefully curated synchronous meetings are integrated into the asynchronous format, enabling new cross-continental encounters. GloCoDA creates an international community where students and teachers engage with each other in a rich learning environment strengthened by different perspectives and diversity of experience and thought. 

Through GloCoDA, Global Conservatoire is able to invite AEC to contribute to disseminating information regarding GloCoDa through its networks and events. 


Aims and objectives 

Focusing on the music conservatoire, the aims of this project are to: 

  • Develop a portfolio of new transnational online courses 
  • Research the impact of transnational online learning on conservatoire culture 
  • Support development towards excellence in online teaching