HarMA HUB: European landscape of teaching practices and pedagogical innovation in HMEIs – Music theory fields – second edition

HarMA HUB is a three-year cooperation partnership project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles. The project, targeting teachers, students and researchers in music theory, will build up on the outcomes developed within the first edition (HarMA+, 2020-2023) by gathering music theory resources in an online open platform, fostering research and pedagogical innovation, and striving for a certain level of harmonisation of the academic offer at European level.

HarMA HUB objective

Overall, the main objective of HarMA HUB is to bring together the community of music theory within Higher Music Education institutions at the European level, with the purpose of modernising practices and giving access to the latest knowledge and innovations in this specific field. In the long term, the project will allow a common reflection on the place of music theory as part of the training of future musicians.

The following set of targeted activities will be implemented:

  1. Development of an online platform with resources, such as a music analysis repository, an EU bibliography and a multilingual terms glossary, which will serve as reference tools for teachers and students;
  2. Implementation of two intensive training programmes: one for teachers and one for students, in order to share pedagogical practices and foster innovation;
  3. Development of a peer-reviewed journal in music theory, in order to support research on music theory topics;
  4. Implementation of two dissemination events targeting Higher Music Education institutions in Europe, and a final Conference framed as an international meeting for music theory faculties (see HarMA International Seminar).

HarMA HUB partners

AEC’s role

AEC is the leading partner for the communication and dissemination of the project’s development and results to Higher Music Education institutions in Europe and beyond. AEC’s role will include:

  • Developing a project communication strategy and dissemination plan
  • Implementing and monitoring the dissemination plan on the AEC channels
  • Supporting partner institutions for the dissemination of the project results
  • Presenting the HarMA HUB project at AEC regular annual events
  • Providing the platform where project results are shared and freely available to the whole music theory community

To know more about the HarMA HUB project, please do not hesitate to contact Salvatore Gioveni, HarMA HUB project funder at salvatore.gioveni@conservatoire.be.