VIETMUS: VIETnam Music Universities Spurring

VIETMUS is a two-years cooperation partnership project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Conservatorio Statale di Musica Alessandro Scarlatti in Palermo. The project aims to promote digital transformation and to create a new digital capacity in teaching and performing in the Vietnamese Higher Music Education (HME) landscape. It will do so by:

  • Encouraging an easy and constant access to IT-based new practices
  • Creating a more sustainable and inclusive teaching system
  • Coping with the needs and challenges that emerged by the Covid outbreak
  • Fostering employability capacity in HME institutions’ graduates

VIETMUS objective

VIETMUS will contribute to strengthening key competencies, in particular innovative transdisciplinary skills able to connect music, performance, business, internationalisation, social impact and technology. Moreover, the project will strengthen sustainable future entrepreneurship opportunities through digital capacities, giving music graduates new employment possibilities in the Cultural and Creative sector.Specific objectives include:

  • Creating a sustainable and inclusive digital capacity in Vietnam music HEIs targeting training and performing;
  • Creating a resilience attitude to cope with the challenges created by the outbreak of Covid19;
  • Developing specific skills to tackle future employment perspectives in music Vietnamese graduates;
  • Creating new networks, developing sustainable partnerships in ICT between Europe and Vietnam and strengthen a national network of excellence.

VIETMUS partners in Europe

VIETMUS partners in Vietnam

AEC’s role

AEC is the leading partner for the communication and dissemination of the project’s development and results to Higher Music Education institutions in Europe and beyond. AEC’s role will include:

  • Developing a project communication strategy and dissemination plan
  • Implementing and monitoring the dissemination plan on the AEC channels
  • Supporting partner institutions for the dissemination of the project results
  • Presenting the VIETMUS project at AEC regular annual events
  • Providing the platform where project results are shared and freely available to the whole music theory community

To know more about the VIETMUS project, please do not hesitate to contact Raffaele Longon, VIETMUS project coordinator at, or visit the official project website: