The ‘Mundus Musicalis’ working group also studied technical issues related to the recognition of studies and qualifications. It collected data on the various credit point systems that can facilitate the recognition of studies, as well as on the recognition of qualifications at international level. The out- comes of this work can be found in this document, which consists of 3 parts:
• PART A gives general information about the international recognition of studies and qualifications in higher education. It explains the main international conventions dealing with this issue and introduces the various tools used. This part also explains the distinction between academic and professional recognition.
• PART B addresses academic recognition in the field of music and the various tools that can support it, such as credit point systems and the diploma supplement. It also includes an overview of the use of credit point systems in 31 countries worldwide.
• PART C presents information on professional recognition, including a reflection on the importance of professional qualifications in the field of music, general information on professional recognition procedures with a distinction between regulated and non-regulated professions, and a comprehensive list of regulated professions in music in 36 countries worldwide.

AEC Handbook - The International Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in Higher Music Education - EN.pdf
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