Musical Entrepreneurship

A group of experts for the European Commission:

” … Europe needs to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people, encourage innovative business start-ups, and foster a culture that is friendlier to entrepreneurship and to the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The important role of education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviours is now widely recognised. However, the benefits of entrepreneurship education are not limited to start-ups, innovative ventures and new jobs. Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action and is therefore a key competence for all, helping young people to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake.”

The Head of the International Relations Office of a Georgian conservatoire:

” Higher arts education institutions have not responded adequately to new career challenges. There is a mismatch between training and demands of the labor market…Today, entrepreneurial and arts management skills are a basic necessity for all future artists.”

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