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Avenue des Celtes/Keltenlaan 20
1040 Etterbeek, Brussels
Tel: +32 27371670
Fax: +32 27371679
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How to reach the office

From the Airport:

  • Take the train to Gare Centrale/Centraal Station (Central Station)

From Central Station:

  • Take the Metro 1(purple) direction Stockel or 5(yellow/orange) direction Hermann Debroux
  • Metro trains for both lines depart from the same platform
  • Get off at Merode.

From Zuidstation/Gare du Midi (South Station):

  • Take the Metro 2(brown) or 6(blue) direction Simonis (Elisabeth)
  • Metro trains for both lines depart from the same platform
  • Change at Kunst-Wet/Arts-Loi to Metro 1 or 5, directions as above
  • Get off at Merode

At Merode:

  • Take the exit from the Metro station marked Keltenlaan/Avenue des Celtes.
  • Once out of the metro, walk forwards a short distance to a pedestrian crossing where Keltenlaan/Avenue des Celtes comes in from the right
  • Cross the road and turn right down Keltenlaan/Avenue des Celtes
  • AEC office is at number 20, about 50 metres downhill from the crossing

AEC has a small plate on the answerphone; next to it is the code B114.  Enter this on the keypad and we will know to let you in.  The door opens automatically and slowly! Inside, towards the rear of the passage on the right is a lift.  Take this to the 3rd floor.  Be careful to stay near the middle of the lift cabin, especially when more than one person is using it, or the sensors may stop it moving!