AEC General Assembly

The main body of the Association is the General Assembly, consisting of representatives of all AEC active and associate members. In the AEC Statutes, which, with the move of the AEC Office to Brussels in December 2012, are based on Belgian association law, the General Assembly is described as the ‘General Organ of Direction of the Association’.

The General Assembly meets as often as the Council thinks necessary, and at least once a year during the AEC Annual Congress in November, to decide on the Association’s policy and activities; during the General Assembly, members also approve the annual reports and finances of the previous year and elect representatives to the AEC Council.

Each active and associate member has the right to attend the meeting. Active members have the right to address the meeting and associate members may do so at the invitation of the Chair. Each active member has the right to cast one vote.

The General Assembly is chaired by the President or, in the case of his or her absence, by a Vice-President. Minutes are kept of all proceedings and a report produced that is sent to the Secretary General for his/her approval. The report is then approved formally at the next meeting of the General Assembly.

The AEC General Assembly reports are available for members upon request. Should you want to receive a copy, please contact the AEC Office.