The AEC and the Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE) invite colleagues and students to their joint platform meeting “Becoming musicians: student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education”.
The event is held on occasion of celebrating CEMPE’s first five years. It also marks the establishment and the beginning work of the AEC and CEMPE-run platform Learning and Teaching in Music Performance Education (latimpe).In recent years, student involvement has been a central topic in higher music education. Many argue that students should be the central agents in their own learning processes, and that teachers and higher education institutions should strive to empower students and engage them more actively. Student-oriented, student-active or student-centred learning methods have become common concepts. Teacher collaboration is at the same time an evolving topic in many higher music education practices. In many cases, teacher collaboration and student involvement are also intertwined. But what do these concepts mean? What does a “student-centred” practice look like, and what do teachers collaborate about? What are the benefits of involving students more actively and of increased collaboration in learning and teaching practices? What do student involvement and teacher collaboration mean in learning contexts ranging from one-to-one contexts to cross-disciplinary or cross-institutional practices? These are some of the questions the conference seeks to illuminate.In her keynote, Professor Monika Nerland of the Department of Education at the University of Oslo will draw on these questions. She will conceptualize and discuss different ways of interpreting notions of student-centered learning environments, learner-centered teaching and student engagement. She will also discuss what student involvement might mean in the context of music performance education, and what forms of teacher collaboration can be conducive to student learning in this context.

We are happy to announce that Professor Lars Brinck (PhD) of Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen will be the second keynote speaker at the conference. His research often applies the analytical perspective of situated learning theory from a social practice theoretical perspective, examining changing relations between persons and the world, often across artistic and educational realms. He will present an on-going research project under the title Learning through collective creative processes – a dialectic perspective.

Susanne van Els is the third and final keynote speaker at the conference. She is Coordinator for the European Opera Academy and will base her speech on learning processes going on outside of the conventional teaching settings: How (not) to teach? … looking into all the learning which goes on apart from conventional teaching and thinking about how our academies can host, encourage and facilitate this more, which touches upon larger topics of teaching methods, organisation of learning, student’s choice and diversity (both for students and institutions)…

The call for proposals is now closed.


please find HERE the programme of the event