SMS Working Group 3 (entrepreneurial mind-set for musicians) is offering a five-day Teacher/Staff Training (that can also be partially attended) on 30 August – 3 September 2021 at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague. The program will be focused on observing a student bootcamp taking place and reflect on this particular instrument for teaching entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset in conservatoires. The Teacher/Staff Training program starts from the principles as formulated in the AEC Renew project and adds the required insights of various working groups in the AEC SMS program to the final output of Working Group 3.

Course objectives:

As a participant, you will get insights on how to implement the instrument of a student bootcamp for teaching entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset in a conservatoire or a music academy. As a participant, you will have developed many ideas yourself about how to do that in the particular context of your own institution.

Course content:

The starting point for observations and reflection is the Explore New Playgrounds 2021 entrepreneurial bootcamp for Bachelor students in the second year of their program. Over a hundred students from different departments (jazz, early music, vocal, classical) will, in mixed teams, explore how they can bring music in a meaningful way to various people in various places. In essence, students are invited to explore their artistic identity in a societal context. A pivotal learning experience in the development of each student.

In order to create a safe learning environment for these students, the entrepreneurial bootcamp has been prepared by the conservatoire offering this program in collaboration with local partners. Theatre De Nieuwe Regentes, which is run by volunteers from the surrounding neighbourhood, is the main partner. It is strongly rooted in the highly diverse communities in this part of town. This theatre identified over 30 playgrounds for students to connect with. In a preparatory phase, the students were introduced to these possible playgrounds and could make a choice for one of them. Thus 20 teams of students were formed that could visit and get to know their playground before the summer break in order to make plans for their first week as a kick-off of their new study year in September. For a reference, see the programme of the student bootcamp Explore New Playgrounds 2021.

To register for the training please contact Renee Joncker.