The AEC-SMS Working Group (WG) on Entrepreneurial mindset, chaired by Renee Jonker, successfully delivered teacher training in the Hague from 30 August to 3 September. The training was addressed to conservatoire teachers, giving them an opportunity to observe an already planned ‘entrepreneurial bootcamp’ taking place at the same time at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague as part of the curriculum for 2nd year BA students. 

The main objective of this training was to observe how an ‘entrepreneurial bootcamp’ is implemented by a conservatoire as an instrument of education and to do this as a starting point for discussion about curriculum development on teaching entrepreneurship in conservatoires. The meetings were labelled as Teacher Training, but turned out to be a “playground for learning” for conservatoire teachers.

With the Explore New Playgrounds program (the student bootcamp offered by the Royal Conservatoire to its 2nd year Bachelor students to kick-off the new study year) unfolding, attendants of the Teacher Training could participate in and/or observe various sessions: when students were instructed and coached, when students were pitching their plans, when students were preparing, as well as presenting and performing in various places around the city; the conservatoires teachers could also sit in in the evaluation of the projects and were at all times free to interview/ask the students about their experiences.

Each day, participants could share their observations and discuss their findings. Moreover, two presentations by Anna Maria Ranczakowska and Martin Prchal were delivered to inspire the meetings.

The results of this training will be included in the Web application on Entrepreneurship which the WG is currently finalising as its final deliverable in the framework of the AEC – Strengthening Music in Society project.