MusicWeb: Developing new tools for music education using wide-area networks and hypermedia technology

MusicWeb is a consortial project to develop the resources, technical infrastructure and demonstration applications to provide a well-structured on-line learning environment for diverse body of students in Music. The modular design and reusability of tools and materials should appeal to young people, music professionals, teachers and students regardless of their technological background. The general aim of this “proof-of-concept” project is to develop common network access to music-educational materials, which will be designed to facilitate integration into a wide variety of music courses and independent learning scenarios, and to unlock the specialist skills and resources available within individual institutions so that they can be generally exploited to the general educational benefit of the community at large. MusicWeb has been supported by the CONNECT Initiative (1999-2001) and the eLEARNING Programme of the European Union (2002-2004).

MusicWeb outcomes:

  • The MusicWeb website with further information about the project, reusable modules and resources for music professionals, teachers and students as a source for continuing education and for institutions for music education and training, and a set of authoring guidelines outlining standard methodologies for designing courseware-materials within the MusicWeb context
  • 2 project information newsletters in English, German and French, which can be downloaded below in PDF-format
Newsletter 1 English French German
Newsletter 2 English French German