The Accreditation working group

Within the AEC project “Accreditation in European Professional Music Training”, important work was done to develop a European approach to external quality assurance and accreditation in the music sector. As a result, a set of common European standards and procedures for external quality assurance and accreditation in higher music education were developed, test visits were undertaken to European higher music education institutions and a register of experts for review panels was established.

The “Polifonia” accreditation working group continued the successful work of the above mentioned project and developed further the implementation of a European-level approach to institutional and programme evaluation in the field of higher music education. Programme review visits to European higher music education institutions took place and the developed criteria and procedures were updated according to the feedback from these visits.


The outcomes of the working group’s work were:

  • Seven working group meetings
  • Collection of feedback, as well as monitoring the Institutional and Programme Review Scheme
  • The production of the handbook ‘How to Prepare for an Institutional or Programme Review in Higher Music Education’ as a practical guide to the reviews.
  • Organisation of the conference ‘After Tuning There Is Articulation’, in cooperation with the Bologna group
  • An updated version of the Framework document “Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Music Education: Characteristics, Criteria and Procedures”, which contains suggestions, criteria and guidelines to support quality assurance and accreditation procedures in higher music education


The members of the Polifonia Accreditation working group were:
  • Christopher Caine (Chair – Trinity College of Music, London)
  • Claus Finderup (Rhythmic Music Conservatory, København)
  • Stefan Gies (Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber, Dresden)
  • Grzegorz Kurzynski (K. Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Wroclaw)
  • Pau Monterde (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya, Barcelona)