WG4 LifeLong Learning: Educating for Entrepreneurship

This working group (WG) has aimed at innovating European higher music education (HME) by addressing issues concerning the employability of musicians through a close collaboration between HME institutions and the professional music field. The WG focused on exploring entrepreneurship within HME in Europe and on promoting ways in which training for entrepreneurship could be re-enforced, both within the conservatoire sector and in the profession.


  • Online Portal on Musical Entrepreneurship – The WG has developed an online resource containing all the information about the research conducted by the group during the course of the project;The portal aims at assisting HME institutions and students with developing teaching and learning approaches promoting the competence of entrepreneurship. The resource is available in English, French and German at:
  • 3 workshops on Entrepreneurship at European level – The WG members organised three different workshops at European level. The first workshop took place in Palermo prior to the AEC Annual Congress 2013, addressing conservatoires interested in fostering the implementation of entrepreneurial approaches in their curricula. The second workshop took place in Vienna after the European Federation of National Orchestras (EFNYO) Annual Assembly. The last workshop took place prior to the WG4 final conference in The Hague, addressing students with a business idea interested in receiving guidelines and feedback from professionals.
The reports on the workshops can be found here.
  • 8 site visits to HME institutions and professional organizations within the music sector across Europe – . During the site visits, WG members interviewed key actors in the following entrepreneurial models: The Ensemble Les Siècles (Paris, October 2012), The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) in Glasgow (December 2012), The Red Note Ensemble (Edinburg December 2012), Rock City (Oslo, December 2012), the Intensive programme Towards Cultural Entrepreneurship” (Oslo, January 2013), Collegium 1703 (Prague, February 2013), Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble (Amsterdam June 2013) and the Popakademie Baden-Württenberg (Mannheim, June 2013).
The reports on the site visits can be found here.
  • Final Conference ‘The Musician as Creative Entrepreneur’ – The WG members organized an interactive conference in the Hague providing an opportunity to learn about and imagine the possibilities offered by the many facets of musical entrepreneurship. The conference attracted more than 130 participants and it received very positive feedback. Video recordings from the main plenary sessions, and a media report summarizing the 2 days conference and Student boot camp is available in open access on the ‘Polifonia’ website.
The video report on the conference can be found here.

Members of the ‘Polifonia’ WG on LifeLong Learning: Educating for Entrepreneurship