The Research in Music Working Group

The role of research in higher music education has only recently emerged as an important topic. During the first cycle of “Polifonia”, the 3rd cycle working group addressed the role of research in the framework of 3rd cycle music studies. For more information to this work being done from 2004 – 2007 please click here.

The working group reflected on the role of research in conservatoire training and collected and disseminated findings related to research activities taking place in individual institutions throughout Europe. Based on the information collected, these research findings were used in 3 seminars for the continuing professional development for teachers in higher music education.


The outcomes of the working group’s work were:

  • Five working group meetings
  • The creation of a new website
  • Site visits were realised to collect information on research activities in place in selected European conservatoires. They resulted in the case studies included in the pocketbook.
  • A pocketbook ‘Researching Conservatoires’ – a collection of information on research activities on teaching and learning in European conservatoires
  • Establishement of a platform for exchange and cooperation on a European level on research activities in higher music education
  •  The organisation of 3 seminars addressing conservatoire teachers with the objective to exchange information and examples of good practice on teaching and learning


The members of the Polifonia Research working group were:

  • Helena Gaunt (Chair – Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London)
  • Carlos Caires (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Lisboa)
  • Valentina Dediu Sandu (National University of Music Bucharest, Bucharest)
  • Peter Dejans (Orpheus Instituut, Gent)
  • Hans Hellsten (Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö)
  • Siw Graabræk Nielsen (Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo)
  • Bart van Rosmalen (Royal Conservatoire Den Haag, Den Haag)
  • Rineke Smilde (Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen)
  • Aaron Williamon (Royal College of Music, London)