Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) play a crucial role to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural heritage and diversity, to facilitate access to cultural offerings and cultural education for all, and to contribute to economic growth through the creation of new jobs and new business models in the creative sector. With support from the European Commission through the scheme “European Networks” of the Creative Europe programme, the AEC can continue to support and encourage Music HEIs to adapt to change, embrace innovation and open up new fields of activities through the project Strengthening Music in Society (AEC-SMS).

AEC-SMS represents a bold new step in the Association’s continuing work to provide this impetus and runs from December 2017 to November 2021. Together with experts that form the different working groups the AEC will be working on the following objectives.

AEC-SMS Project Objectives
  • Music’s and Music Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs’) Role in Society
  • Diversity, Identity, Inclusiveness
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set for musicians
  • Internationalisation and transnational mobility
  • Shaping the musician of tomorrow through innovative ‘Learning&Teaching’ (L&T)
  • Teacher education in the digital age
  • Involving Youth – Increasing Student Voice
The achievements made in Year 1 are presented in the flyer available for download below.
The flyer is available in English, German and French.
AEC-SMS Flyer Year 1 [EN]
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AEC-SMS Flyer Year 1 [DE]
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AEC-SMS Flyer Year 1 [FR]
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