What are your working group goals for the project?

The Working Group on Capacity Building serves as a think tank that contemplates the contemporary tasks, motives and goals of HMEIs as driving forces in the sustainable development of arts education and research on the one hand, and of the professional music profession in its plurality on the other. Questions that arise include the role and impact of new skills, attitudes, social awareness and situatedness, as well as new perspectives on excellence, quality and societal engagement.

An important aspect in this assignment concerns the adaptation of curricula, institutional organization and learning activities to a changing concept of musicians to ‘makers in society’. The Working Group builds on the outcomes of the SMS project and connects with the other working groups of the Artemis project, and aims to provide a set of reflections, guidelines and case studies that support institutions in their specific processes and development.

What are some outputs you are currently working on?         

The Working Group facilitates and moderates five clusters, each consisting of 5 / 6 European higher music education institutions that currently engage in a process of curricular change. The clusters serve as peer learning platforms, in which all participants share the development of their respective processes, while providing peer feedback to each other and calling in expert advice where it is needed. The Working Group provides assistance and support in the development of relevant and tailored action plans, and investigates themes, trends and challenges which in turn will be implemented in the set of guidelines, reflections and case studies.


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