AEC Pop and Jazz Platform (PJP) Preparatory Working Group

The AEC Pop and Jazz Platform (PJP) Preparatory Working Group is part of the AEC – Empowering Artists as Makers in Society project (AEC-ARTEMIS, 2022-2025). More information on the role of the PJP Working Group within the project can be found here.

Meet the AEC Pop and Jazz Platform (PJP) Preparatory Working Group


Proactivity, as well as geographical and gender balances are the applied criteria to guarantee the diverse and dynamic character of the group, who should ideally recreate the diversity of AEC members institutions.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: United in Diversity


Higher Music Education (HME) in Europe has changed over the last decades. Since broad international meeting grounds for the HME institutions often were on an executive level, often recruited from classical music, new programmes tended to be underrepresented. The establishment of the PJP in 2005 was to create a European meeting ground for these programmes within the membership institutions of the AEC.
Specific issues that concern certain programmes need to be addressed separately for the time being. Some of them go to the core of how music is made, earned and taught. In addition, we see an increase in genre diversity in the HME institutions.

Aims and profile

The goal of the PJP is to contribute to a better understanding, collaboration, and diversity within music and higher music education.

The PJP discusses and promotes educational, pedagogical, musical, and professional issues on the basis of the particular expertise and experience the PJP community possesses.

The PJP supports the development of jazz, pop, folk, world music, and related programmes in the AEC’s membership institutions.

The PJP promotes diversity in HME.  Genre diversity in HME may be a complex issue and pose challenges for the institutions. Other ways of categorising the field than by genre are possible, for example by differences and similarities in teaching/learning and in musical and artistic processes. The PJP will therefore in particular stimulate the discourse on the concept of genre, genre diversity, teaching and learning processes, self-perception and identities.

PJP organises meetings on a regular basis for these programmes in AEC membership institutions addressing relevant issues, at the same time providing a meeting ground for networking and the sharing of experiences among the programmes.

Being a platform within the AEC the PJP subscribes and adheres to the Vision and Mission of the AEC.

AEC Annual Pop and Jazz Platform meeting

The Pop and Jazz Platform (PJP) Working Group is in charge of the organisation of the AEC Annual Pop and Jazz Platform meeting. This event aims to promote and support higher education in popular music and jazz in the widest definition of those terms. Both popular music and jazz include a variety of subgenres and styles as well as specific performance, learning and cultural practices. However, we do believe that popular music and jazz as overall music forms are closely related through a set of common characteristics.

The Pop and Jazz Platform meeting 2023 took place in Rome, Italy on 16-18 February 2023.

Previous editions of the PJP Platform meetings (presentations, programmes, abstracts) are available here. Do you want to get involved, contribute or learn more? Please contact Beatriz Laborda – PJP Working Group coordinator.


VoCon is a Europe-wide platform for vocal Jazz, Pop, Folk and all interested teachers in higher music education. It provides the need for sharing good practice, thoughts on education, and differences in vision and mission in the various European countries. It is a very personal practice-based platform that aims to connect professional teachers in higher education on a ‘person to person’ base. It is a learning community, practicing what it preaches and also provides and protects free space for sharing topics that emerge on the spot.

When being a member of VoCon you are:

• a vocal teacher Jazz and/or Pop a and/or Folk in higher music education;

• in an institute that is connected to or open to attending AEC/PJP;

• eager to meet and greet European colleagues in our working field;

• interested in sharing thoughts, vision, mission and practical working forms with colleagues;

• primarily interested in sharing questions instead of giving answers;

• part of a learning community, open to shift angles that may offer new insights;

• critical friend to your colleagues and their contribution in both meetings and VoCon online communication;

• part of a non-strategic platform, that develops from the inside out;

• open to sharing research results, contribute knowledge and be a sounding board;

• open to educational experiment and keen on exchanging all kinds of educational experiences;

• an ambassador that reaches out to colleagues inviting them to take part in VoCon.

VoCon - previous editions
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