Meet the AEC Advocacy Task Force



  • Developing AEC’s advocacy strategy and advocacy tools for AEC as well as for its members
  • Collaborating with European partners to advocate for the artist as a maker in society
  • Supporting students to represent their interests as emerging professionals in the field of music & arts


The main and most visible outcome of the ARTEMIS advocacy Task Force so far is the development of a brand new and comprehensive AEC Advocacy Strategy in which target groups of advocacy actions are identified as well as key messages and partners with whom to undertake joint advocacy actions. Moreover, this paper addresses advocacy in a great variety of aspects, ie. as advocacy that can be seen upstream or downstream as well as horizontally and can be targeted to policy or regulatory matters. 

During the Annual Congress 2023, the Advocacy Task Force organised a pre-conference workshop which explored examples of successful advocacy actions both at the national and European level. 

The pre-conference workshop showed how the AEC Advocacy Strategy can be filled with life and how concrete advocacy measures and advocacy campaigns can be derived from it, which are suitable to be used by AEC members in a way that makes sense for them and can be implemented immediately. 

The Task Force is now working on compiling an Advocacy Toolkit which will be presented to the AEC network by the end of 2024. 


Advocacy Strategy_September 2023
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