Meet the AEC European Online Application System (EASY) Task Force




  • Facilitating the administration of exchanges (teachers and students) via digital tools
  • Fostering work placements for emerging artists (with IRC WG)


EASY is an  IT system developed and coordinated by the AEC since 2016 to facilitate the digitisation of the mobility procedures for international offices of Conservatoires and other art universities. After 7 years with the Estonian Company Dreamapply, the AEC selected the Austrian company SoP Mobility Online to build a new system for the digital management of mobilities in Conservatoires, which fully supports the compulsory requirements and connection with Erasmus Without Papers and allows developments towards staff mobility and student mobility for traineeships. In 2023, 109 EASY internal institutions piloted the new system intending to go live for real applications in January 2024. The system is now live with 92 internal institutions exchange applications for student mobility for studies among themselves and also with 800 external partners.




Online Training Recordings

  • 6th June 2023 – Pipeline and Process

  • 27th June 2023 – Logic of the system, Menu, Settings, Application Form

  • 4th October 2023 – EWP connection in EASY MO

  • 11th October 2023 – Advanced settings