Meet the AEC Gender Equality and Non-discrimination Mainstreaming Task Force



  • Empowering HMEIs to deal with power relation issues
  • Facilitating safe and brave spaces at AEC events in-presence
  • Fostering gender equality and non-discrimination within AEC policies


The Task Force is responsible for promoting gender equality and non-discrimination mainstreaming within the project itself and at the AEC at large, along with shaping and implementing fair, inclusive, diverse and gender equal frameworks in HME institutions and by empowering them to deal with power relations issues, liaising with PRIhME

The Task force has been facilitating Safe Space sessions at AEC events for in-presence participants. These sessions, shaped as discussion groups, serve to encourage participants to give feedback about the events, with particular attention to diversity, inclusion, gender equality and non-discrimination matters, but also about their own experiences at their home institutions. The feedback gathered is reviewed by the AEC in order to implement different measures that will ensure a proactive approach for the association to act as an agent of change in these matters. 

Furthermore, the Task Force has initiated designated spaces at AEC events called Quiet Rooms. These rooms are intended to provide participants with an opportunity to find calm, concentrate, and take a break from the busy meeting agendas.

Moreover, the Task Force has developed a Code of Conduct for AEC events aimed at ensuring that AEC events offer a safe, welcoming, accessible and inclusive space for learning and sharing, guided by the values of diversity, inclusion, gender equality and non-discrimination fostered by the association. Participants registering to attend AEC events are now requested to acknowledge that they have read and agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct, and that they commit to comply with all premises as specified in the document.


ARTEMIS Code of Conduct for AEC events
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