Meet the Steering Committee for the Harmonisation of European Music Education (SCHEME)



  • Empowering music school and classroom teachers


The SCHEME (Steering Committee for the Harmonisation of European Music Education) WG, composed of 2 representatives from EMU, EAS and AEC will:

  • Investigate the impact of the digital shift, the COVID crisis, social developments and societal trends (related to e.g. audience engagement / audience development, the diversity of cultural needs, migration, the idea of European cultural citizenship as presented by the Porto Santo Charter, climate change etc.) on the tasks, skills and responsibilities of future music teachers in the formal music education sector (classroom teachers, music schools)
  • Promote access and participation in music and cultural education by developing and integrating targeted audience development measures into their courses
  • Examine what this means for teacher education

The SCHEME will particularly focus on working out innovative models of teacher education, presenting them as examples of good practice and developing guidelines on how to adapt teacher education curricula addressing the above-mentioned topics.

We are in the process of producing the models of teacher education as said above.